Rajiv Gandhi University Of Knowledge Technologies

R.K Valley, Vempalle, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh - 516 330


Guide Lines

Guide Lines for
Registration, Accommodation and Convocation Procedure

Click here for Instructions and Guidelines on convocation day.

Bus facility is arranged from Vempalli to Campus on 2nd and 3rd August 2018 as per below schedule. Help desk would be setup at Vempalli BUS_STOP to guide you all.
On 2nd August buses would start from 2PM and ends by 9PM.
On 3rd August buses would start from 5AM and ends by 2PM.
Graduates are requested to register their participation at the reception-cum-registration counter in the ACADEMIC BLOCK-1 campus on 2nd and 3rd of August 2018.
Arrangements have been made for the accompanying parents and attendees at boys hostel-1 and girls hostel-1.

Contact Details for Hostel Accommodation at RKV:

Boy/Male Accommodation:
1. Mr. Siva Sankar Ph: 9182377383
2. Mr. Gangadhar Reddy Ph: 9666947151

Girl/Female Accommodation:
1. Mrs. Vimala Persis (Kundu Hostel Warden) Ph: 08588283605
2. Mrs. Pavani (Caretaker)

Graduates have to collect their gowns in the reception-cum-registration counter by depositing a refundable caution deposit of Rs.1000/- and rent of Rs.200/- for rob.
Parents (each) should carry proper identity card issued by the government (Aadhar card, Voter card etc) to enter into Convocation Hall and produce the same to security when they asks for it.
ALL STUDENTS AND PARENTS SHOULD ENTER INTO CONVOCATION HALL BY 2.15 PM. Doors of the convocation hall will be closed by 2.45 PM and you cannot enter in to the hall after 2.45 PM NEITHER CAN YOU LEAVE THE HALL
No deviation in the seating is permitted. Please follow the instructions of the volunteers.
Medal winners would be required to seat at their designated place as shown in seating plan.
Graduates are requested to observe strict silence during the processing of the Graduation Ceremony.
Graduates are directed not to bring/ use Cell phone/ Camera during the Graduation ceremony.
After receiving the Original Certificate and medal, Graduates shall walk along the pathway marked on the dais, stand in front of the dignitaries and bow & say “Thank You sirs”.
Graduates are strictly forbidden from leaving their place until the Dignitaries leave the hall after the dissolution of the Convocation Ceremony.
After the program, graduates shall return their gown at the same reception counters.

Your co-operation is earnestly requested for the successful conduct of the Graduation Ceremony of RGUKT at R K VALLEY Institute.